The Major

“My liberal arts education has given me an ever increasing appreciation for the diversity of the world, as well as for the things that unite us all, no matter where we are from.”  -Erin M. Liberal Arts (Interdisciplinary) Major , Graduate 2013

Our major differs from other majors only in that students have a broader scope of courses and academic experiences to choose from than do students who major in a specific Liberal Arts discipline. The Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Major allows the student an in-depth exploration of culture, society, and the human condition drawing from the seventeen disciplines within the College of Liberal Arts. There are no concentrationsStudents create their own unique plan of study based on their personal interests within the College of Liberal Arts.  Graduates receive a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts. Students at a distance or those considering returning to complete their degree can also study I-LA online through CSU Online Plus (Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Online).

Students establish a broad intellectual comfort zone and engage with the complexity of the human condition in the following ways:

  • analyze and interpret a diverse array of issues, behaviors, and perspectives from an interdisciplinary viewpoint
  • study history of conflictive and harmonious societies to understand how they have functioned successfully and unsuccessfully
  • engage in complex writing and research to enhance invention abilities, communication, and understanding of the needs and expectations of diverse audiences
  • study diverse perspectives and cultures to understand alternative methods and ideas for living and problem solving

Through our multidisciplinary approach, students develop ideas and opinions that are well-informed, thoughtful, and objective.   Liberal Arts graduates are independent, ambitious thinkers and well-versed, agile communicators who excel in any career path.

To further increase depth and enhance expertise, Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts students also complete a minor in an arts and humanities or social sciences discipline, or one of the following interdisciplinary minors.: Asian Studies, Environmental Affairs, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Religious Studies, Women’s Studies, or, with prior advisor approval, any other minor or interdisciplinary minor.

See the Curriculum Planning page for help with creating your plan of study.