” Being able to communicate with people from various careers and backgrounds is where we excel. We understand the interconnectedness of the disciplines contained within our major. We are able to see threads of overlapping ideas and convey those thoughts in effective ways that create impact!” Melissa Dasakis, Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Graduate, Spring 2014.

What should a college major prepare you for? A single, narrowly-focused job opportunity?  We think not.  There are multiple ways to pursue careers with a Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Degree. Graduates of the Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts program apply their education in the private, non-profit, and public sectors. Others enter graduate and professional schools for more specialized study.  Liberal Arts majors have established careers in just about everything!  Equally participation in volunteer work, internships, and cooperative education opportunities is recommended to hone your skills, enhance your resume, and establish networking opportunities.  Also, involvement in student organizations and campus initiatives can allow you to develop and demonstrate many crucial skills you will find both useful and advantageous once you enter your career path.

Two key approaches of career advancement (for students who are not considering graduate school after graduation) are 1) by Skills and 2) by Topic of Study. See the following pages  Careers by Skills and Careers by Topic of Study for more information as to how students might use either or both strategies to map out their future career paths.

One important vehicle as you begin to prepare for your career is the internship experience. Many who have gone on to establish themselves in a career or professional path got their start via an internship opportunity. Please see the following pages for how you might begin to think about finding an internship opportunity that fits your career goals: Career Internships Information