An internship with an organization or program that is associated with one or more of the traditions and principles of a Liberal Arts education can be an exhilarating personal experience. But these can also be key ways to enhance your professionalism while giving you ‘hand on” experience in a prospective career field. Students should try and enlarge their academic experience by seeking out internships that 1) give one a greater understanding of past or contemporary cultures, 2.) or allows for liberating individuals from uniformed and arbitrary views of the world, 3) or broadens their writing, speaking, critical thinking and problem solving abilities for a diverse and ever-changing world and workforce, 4) or strengthens the basis for responsible and creative participation in both society and the workplace.

The purpose of an LB 487 internship is to seek part-time work (volunteer or paid) that provides a quality learning experience equivalent to that of a 400-level Liberal Arts class and enhances relevant experience for future professional employment.  For example, many students take on leadership roles in which they teach, tutor, or mentor area youth groups. Others volunteer their time to non-profit organizations in areas such as event planning, public relations, fund raising, or other initiatives.  There are many options and certainly room for creativity.

CREATING AN INTERNSHIP IS EASY:  Before applying, students should locate, develop, and arrange an internship for LB 487 themselves. Students are also responsible for turning in all completed application materials by the appropriate deadline AND Internship credit will be awarded for work done only during the term of enrollment. Internships are evaluated as Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only.

For complete information on when one should take LB 487, how to find an internship and when to register for their internships, contact the Liberal Arts Academic Support Center (970.4913117) to schedule an appointment with the LB 487 Internship Coordinator. For more information about finding an internship visit either the CLA Internship Page or the Career Center Internship Page but it’s key that you meet with the Liberal Arts Internship Coordinator so as to design an internship appropriate to your Liberal Arts Major.