Careers by Skill

Our students acquire a well-rounded education and develop the skills that employers commonly cite as highly desirable in prospective employees, including communication skills, problem solving, creativity, adaptability, leadership, writing, and analytical skills. In your Liberal Arts classes, you will develop and refine many of these important skills in the following ways:

  • analyze diverse array of issues, behaviors, and perspectives from a global viewpoint
  • study history of conflictive and harmonious societies to understand how they have operated
  • investigate global communication and collaboration
  • examine the influence and growth of art and culture throughout history
  • analyze successful leadership within societal and political structures
  • study diverse perspectives and cultures to learn alternative methods and ideas for living and problem solving

For a quick break down of key Liberal Art skills and Career Application see the following handout: Careers by Skill.

Employer Ratings by Importance of Skills/Qualifications*

Skill/Quality Weighted Average Rating**
Communication skills (verbal) 4.65
Strong work ethic 4.61
Teamwork skills 4.59
Analytical skills 4.56
Initiative 4.50
Problem-solving skills 4.48
Interpersonal skills (written) 4.48
Interpersonal skills (relates well to other) 4.40
Computer skills 4.38
Flexibility/adaptability 4.37
Detail-oriented 4.18
Technical skills 4.16
Organizational skills 4.05
Leadership skills 4.04
Self-confidence 3.96
Tactfulness 3.84
Friendly/outgoing personality 3.72
Creativity 3.70
Strategic planning skills 3.35

* see “What Employers Want: Candidate Skills and Qualifications.” NACE Research: Job Outlook 2011. Figure 38. For more information see What Employers Want.

** 5-point scale: 1 = Not Important; and 5 = Extremely Important