Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Major

“The value of my liberal arts education has been not just job preparedness, but life and character development as well. My classes have helped me to become a researcher, a problem solver, and a critical thinker. More than anything, my liberal arts education has given me the framework to understand how the world works and how I can make a positive contribution to society.” Kelly Auch, Liberal Arts (Interdisciplinary) Major, Graduate 2013

The Program
The Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Major is a baccalaureate degree program where, upon completion of all requirements, students are awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts. This degree offers a program of study combining the Humanities, the Arts, Languages & Literature, and Social Sciences so as to foster interdisciplinary knowledge, core career competencies, personal development, professional excellence, interpersonal confidence and expertise, and a deeper understanding of the complex world in which they live.

For more Information detailing our a) Mission Statement, b) Degree Purpose and c) Academic Experience, please click HERE!

Students are free to design their own personalized program of study from the broad spectrum of disciplines within the College of Liberal Arts, such as Literature, Fine Arts (performance and studio), Philosophy, History, Sociology, Economics, Foreign Language, Journalism, English, Ethnic and Gender Studies, Anthropology, Communication Studies, and others.

The Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Major B.A. is also offered online. For more information click here: Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Online.

We also offer a Legal Studies Interdisciplinary Minor. This minor is designed for students who plan a career in the law or related fields such as human resources, business, communications, and many others.  The courses in the minor provide a broad-based academic foundation for such careers as well as complement any major as an excellent preparation for law school.

See the Curriculum Planning page for help with creating your plan of study.

For further questions about the Major or how it might fit with your academic goals, feel free to contact the Program Director ( or Schedule an appointment with the Key Academic Advisor.

We are proud to be a supporting member of the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies.

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