Programs of Study

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On-Campus B.A.

Distance B.A.

Legal Studies Minor

We offer an on-campus and distance Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts. Requirements for the on-campus and online programs vary. We also offer an interdisciplinary minor in legal studies designed for students who plan a career in law or related fields such as human resources, business, and communications. Besides a small number of courses every Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts major must take, everything else is up to you. No matter how many side roads you want to check out or different directions you find yourself heading as you’re choosing your liberal arts courses—it all works.

3 components to the Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Major:

  1. Your all university core curriculum (AUCC) requirements
  2. A second field (a minor)
  3. Open electives (e.g., Course Clusters) in Liberal Arts

What is Course Clustering?

Course-clustering means choosing your courses based upon a larger interest, theme, potential professional goal, or career field. You will choose courses that make sense to you, that follow where you want to go, but, best of all, allow you to put together your own unique combination of intellectual prowess, professional expertise, and career skills.

As an interdisciplinary liberal arts major, you will work with your Academic Success Coordinator (ASC) on finding just the right selection of courses and combination of academic experiences that fits you and where you’re eventually heading after graduation.


We believe an academic experience isn’t just about being in the classroom. It’s about the total range of experiences you will have in our program. Our program allows for and encourages you to seek all kinds of available learning experiences.

We offer a number of practicums in the areas of student media, including CTV, KCSU, College Avenue, and the Collegian. Also, we offer various practicums in events production, including Arts Production, Sports Production, and Event Production. Practicum courses are a great opportunity to learn and perfect vitally important media production skills in the area of journal and news writing, video production and editing, and/or arts or sports event production. Contact your ASC for more information on how you can register for a LB 387 A-G Practicum.

Among others, many of our students have earned credit doing things they love, such as:

  • Working at the student newspaper (the Rocky Mountain Collegian).
  • Hosting a music program on KCSU.
  • Delivering campus news on CTV (campus television).
  • Writing articles or taking photographs for College Avenue (a student magazine).
  • Recording live concerts and plays or sporting events held on campus.

In addition to these practicums, our major makes good use of every liberal arts course focused on arts productions—anything from lighting to directing to stage design.

CSU student working at KCSU on air


Interning is great way to gain real world experience within a professional environment, as well as one of the best ways to get your foot in the door of your chosen career path by making connections and enhancing your professional qualifications. Students who intern are more likely to have their future plans secured after graduation.

Our students have found internships working as photographers or desktop publishing designers, coordinators in a film festival, production assistants on film sets, social media communicators, just to name a few.

Students take responsibility for researching and locating an internship, which leaves a lot of freedom to tailor your experience to your specific interests! Follow this easy guide to the I-LA internship process:

  • Once your internship application has been submitted and approved, be sure to read over the Intern Liability and Workers Compensation informational sheet. Please sign and return this form to the Internship Coordinator to acknowledge that you have read it.
  • When your internship is complete you will need to send an Internship Evaluation Form filled out by your supervisor to the Internship Coordinator.

If you have any questions throughout this process, please direct them to Professor Cindy Murillo, Internship Coordinator.

LB 495 Independent Study

Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts is all about creating a learning experience that best serves your personal goals and needs. A really great way to customize your experience is with an independent study.

LB 495 Independent Study is a self driven course in an area of study of your choosing. To apply for this course, you will need to fill out an Independent Study application that includes the following information:

  • A detailed description of your topic of study
  • A list of materials (e.g., readings, texts, media) appropriate to the topic of study
  • A detailed list of both work expectations and assignments/work to be completed
  • a syllabus identifying the purpose, goal and outcomes of your independent study

The work expectation for each credit taken for LB 495 is expected to be equal to the expectation must of any credit of academic work undertaken at CSU. The work must be equivalent to 50 minutes of weekly in-class activity, and 2 additional hours of work outside-of-class for each credit hour taken is expected.

Please see the LB 495 Independent Studies Guidelines for more information on the Independent Study course.

You will send your completed LB 495 Independent Study application to the Independent Study faculty adviser, Kevin Foskin. Please also direct any questions you have about the process to him.


Education Abroad

Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts majors cross disciplinary boundaries by exploring the larger human and global community. Education Abroad is an incredible opportunity to open those boundaries even further by immersing yourself in a different culture. The Education Abroad Office sends over 1,600 abroad each year to over 80 countries, which means that there is an opportunity that will fit just about any interest! Listed below is a shortlist of featured Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts major Education Abroad programs.

Please visit the Education Abroad page to get started on your journey. Here you can learn about scholarship opportunities, learn about many other Education Abroad programs, and set up an appointment to speak with a Education Abroad Peer Advisor!

Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Education Abroad Scholarship

This scholarship provides financial assistance to Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Majors in their Education Abroad ventures.

AWARDS: Five $1000.00 awards for CSU student(s) enrolled in the Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts major and accepted to a Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts strategic education abroad programs (Please visit the Education Abroad website to see the current, specific program) or an education abroad program that meets I-LA Major course requirements


  • Must be accepted into a Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts strategic education abroad program or an education abroad program that meets I-LA Major course requirements
  • Must be enrolled as a major in the Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts major
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5 (2.75 preferred)
  • Must demonstrate financial need

The strength and persuasiveness of scholarship essays along with GPA will be considered along with the aforementioned requirements.The individual(s) will be selected on the basis of a combination of merit and financial need.

Please note: All students who complete the Education Abroad Scholarship Common Application and meet the above mentioned requirements for the Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Education Abroad Scholarship will be automatically considered for the Scholarship. For fall programs, recipient(s) will be notified by OIP in May, and award(s) will be disbursed in early to mid August through student RamWeb.