Academic Success Tools

I-LA Library Page

The library can be a student's best friend. The I-LA library page has  guides, databases and resources that will help with any assignment. The Morgan Library is open Monday- Friday from 9-5 and there will always be someone at the front desk who can help you. If you don't want to or are unable to get to the library the I-LA library page has tons of online resources to help you with your assignments at any time. I-LA librarian, Renae Watson, is available to answer any questions you have during her working hours. The Morgan Library also offers 24/7 Virtual Library Help support for your immediate questions.

Study Abroad and Internships 

I-LA offers both Internships and a Study Abroad programs. Students are encouraged to explore many different avenues of education and both of these programs can be tailored to your individual needs and interests. Visit the Programs of Study page to learn more about these and other exciting I-LA programs. All of the contacts and advisors for these programs are listed on the page, but also feel free to visit with your Academic Success Coordinator to talk about which of these programs might suit you best.