Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts is proud to be a part of the CSU Accelerated Programs 

Colorado State University is excited to provide programs for students to graduate by the end of their third spring or summer term for select programs of study.  Accelerated Programs typically include 15-16 credits each fall and spring semester for three years, plus 6-9 credits over three summers. Students who enter CSU with prior credit (AP, IB, transfer, etc.) may use applicable courses to further accelerate their graduation. This includes students who began at a two-year Colorado institution following a CSU Statewide Agreement or a CSU Transfer Guide. Learn more about all of the Accelerated Programs offered here. 

Accelerated Programs are available to new degree-seeking CSU students beginning fall 2020.

Interested students will meet with their Academic Support Coordinator to discuss whether an accelerated program is realistic and beneficial based on their life situation as well as academic and career goals. Students should also visit with staff in the Office of Financial Aid for additional options and resources. To declare their intent, students will complete the Accelerated Programs Agreement provided by their advisor. If at any time the student changes their mind, they will meet with their advisor to discuss taking more time for degree completion and, if using financial aid, contact the Office of Financial Aid.

While pursuing Accelerated Programs has many benefits, there are also items to consider. Students who graduate in 3 or 3 ½ years will need to invest in summer tuition, fees, and related expenses, but may reduce their overall cost of attendance. The opportunity to enter a graduate or professional degree program or begin earning a professional salary earlier may enhance lifetime earnings.

Why is the Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Accelerated Program Different?

In other Accelerated Programs, students completing 120 credits within the shorter time frame may not have the opportunity to explore majors and add additional programs of study such as minors or second majors. Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts is unique in that it is possible for accelerated students to earn multiple minors in the under 4 years. We have a full offering of curriculum options for the major in all terms including summer. There will be classes that work with your schedule no matter the time of year, which makes it significantly easier to complete a program in under 4 years. Click here to learn more about the I-LA summer programs.

I-LA offers also offers unique education opportunities that will all help you complete the Accelerated Program. Education Abroad offers options for summers, winter break programs, and full term which means there are plenty of programs that will work with your schedule. The I-LA Internship Program is a great way to gain real-world experience while earning the credits needed toward the Accelerated Program. I-LA is unique in that the program is fully online and offers all of the same programs as in person. You can complete your program completely online, or a mix of online and in person. Visit CSU Online and talk to your ASC to craft the perfect online plan for you.

Admissions and your Academic Success Coordinator (ASC), Jessie Stewart, are here to help you create a custom plan based on your needs and goals. You can see an example of an I-LA 3-year Academic Plan by clicking on the button below.